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It has been 6 months since I last published an article on my blog and also 6 months since I moved back to Barcelona. Lots have happened during this time and I wanted to share but somehow I wasn’t able to write anything. Not a single word. I had an immense desire to live life to the fullest and let the reflections for later, so writing about all the events meant a kind of reflection. I was tired of analyzing things. This is what I have been doing intensely in the last 2 years. Now it was time to live, to let go and allow the future to unfold naturally…and oh, boy…it turned much better than I could have imagined.

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In early April, I was arriving at Estacio del Nord in Barcelona with just a red suitcase and a blue backpack and without having any detailed plans about my next steps. The moment I stepped foot in that bus station I have been so many times before, I took a deep breath and I smiled. Whatever happened, I was HOME…and home couldn’t have failed me. I promised myself that I would stop worrying about the ‘what ifs’. I chose to believe with all my heart that everything will work out somehow. And it did.

So, where was I and what did I do in these past months?

Found a part-time job in just 4 days after my arrival in Barcelona, started training immediately and was still receiving calls for more interviews. That was definitely a great feeling! So, ‘hello’ again aviation, uniform and airport life in Barcelona.

One month later, I gave up the airport after finding a full-time job in a Spanish low-cost airline. Still shifts, but in an office closer to home and no uniform. And yes, I am still there after 5 months and I am enjoying it.

I was houseless for 4 weeks to save money, living out of a suitcase in friends’ houses. At the beginning of May, I finally found a beautiful shared flat and moved. Damn, my own room! I missed so much having my own space, a wardrobe and my clothes nicely folded.

Had a never-ending amount of visits…friends, family, former Busabout colleagues and people I haven’t seen in years. That is the beauty of living in a city where everyone wants to come!


I traveled a lot less and closer to home than I imagined in March when I left for my European adventure, but I still got to discover amazing places and experience new ways of traveling – Hello van life! Hello messy hair on a motorcycle! Hello last-minute trips! I even stepped foot in a new country that was so close but somehow I never got the chance to visit…Andorra.

I found peace of mind…something I desperately wished for. I stopped feeling I am in a place I don’t belong to anymore like it happened while I was living in Bucharest. My soul knew I came back home. I found comfort in walking around my neighborhood (yeah, I moved to the same one I used to live in 5 years ago), buying groceries from the same supermarkets, hanging out in places I have been so many times before. I guess I needed a glimpse of routine, but not just any routine…only Barcelona routine.

I discovered a bunch of new cafes, restaurants and bars which suit better the new me. The ME who no longer craves for crowded places, alcohol and parties until 6 am. This new ME appreciates more a night with live music, shows of improvisational theatre, delicious meals, drinks with friends and meaningful conversations. A silent night on a terrace with a glass of wine and looking at the stars no longer seems boring for me. Some could say that all this is a sign of getting old, but I believe it means more learning to be happy with the simple things life has to offer.

Small trip to Andorra

Small trip to Andorra

I bought a smaller and lighter laptop which definitely fits a digital nomad lifestyle. Now I just need to start working harder towards fulfilling this goal – to set my own rules, my own schedule and my own lifestyle.

I learned that we need such a small amount of material things to be happy. Living out of a suitcase taught me what truly gives me comfort and happiness, showed me once more that investing my money in myself, moments and experiences is better that owning a house, a car, lots of clothes or gadgets. At least that is not what makes me happy.

I experienced last-minute changes much more than I expected. Since I like having control over my life and planning things, letting go is not easy. It is scary and annoying and very uncomfortable at times but it also brings up things that I have never imagined. I kind of chose to simply throw my intentions out there and let life surprise me.

And last but not the least…I fell in love deeply and unexpectedly. I met an amazing human being who is similar to me in so many ways but at the same time a few steps ahead regarding his rebelliousness, his minimalist and digital lifestyle. By his side I am living to the fullest the joy of being with someone you truly admire and from whom you have so much to learn.


Our first trip in a camper van around Costa Brava

Now, I won’t promise I will write more often, but I will try as much as possible to share with you
glimpses of my life and experiences which will hopefully inspire you to not wait anymore and do what your heart always wanted to do but never found the right time.

I know it is scary but I promise it will be worth it.

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I’m really glad for you, Andra! Congrats for finding your own place and good luck with your plans! 🙂